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"You don’t wanna risk our great friendship. It’s a bunch of garbage. That what guys say. That’s what cowards say when they wanna get out of something but still wanna seem nice. Don’t tell me you wanna be my best friend because I have friends."

Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project (via mindlessdreamin)


I’m not crying you’re crying.


RareInk has just released their initial baseball collection which features modern artwork from a pool of emerging global artists and celebrates the game’s top legends and current stars. (Art by Mike Harrison)

GALLERY: An Artistic Look at Major League Baseball

Time to go.


Jamie at IFTAs 2013



Benedict Cumberbatch’s foreword in the book "Smaug: Unleashing the Dragon" by Daniel Falconer. 

(open in new tab for full view; sorry about the blurred edges)

requested by darlingbenny

So articulate - beautifully written that is. Thanks. 

Prince George of Cambridge ♥

"Mindy really… respects the practice. Maybe she’s even a little bit in love with the practice?”


all the things i ship ★ david ‘gordo’ gordon and lizzie mcguire

i think i may like my best friend as more than a friend.

Jake’s face when Amy asks him if her makeup looks weird.

Sherlock — Character Gif Posters, The Holmes Brothers Edition


Benny in a scarf~ How cozy.

Trying to figure things out.

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